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New Life.com iPhone app

 26th Apr 2010

Life.com the internet side of Life Magazine have launched Life Mobile, a new iphone app that contains its entire gallery of images, making it the largest photography catalogue online, the company claims.

The gallery includes a huge portfolio of photos, ranging from archive photos of events such as music concerts to photos of the latest events in the news.

Those using the app can also import their own photos into the program in order to create a Life magazine cover. Another feature of the app is that users can choose which photos would be most suitable for inclusion in the magazine.

This is effectively a game because, if the user chooses photos that lots of other users have also chosen, they earn points and at the end can determine their pictorial editing talent.

Life Mobile also allows the photos in its archive to be emailed by users or used in tweets or posted on social networking pages. Users will be happy to know that the app is free to download from the iTunes App Store. The app requires an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, which runs the iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

The new app is currently rated at 4+ by iTunes.