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Guardian launches photographic app for iPad

 9th Apr 2010

 The Guardian newspaper has launched a new photographic application for the Apple iPad, the exciting new device from Apple that may well revolutionise the way we view our photographs.

Although the iPad is not yet available in the UK, the Guardian team has been working to develop the new app in time for the launch here.

The newspaper has partnered with digital camera manufacturer Canon for the app, which is a e-version of the Eyewitness series that was launched in the newspaper when it changed to Berliner format in 2005.


The series features the best in journalistic photography on a huge double-page spread and the app will deliver a similar service. The free application allows users to view the photographs in detail on their iPad screens.

Roger Tooth, the newspaper’s head photographer explained, "We want to hold your attention for more than two seconds." "We want you to appreciate the work that the photographer has put into the image." He continued, "We've been waiting for a chance to replicate the scale and impact of the newspaper's Eyewitness spread series on the web - and I think this is it."