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MP apologises for House of Lords photograph

 4th Jun 2010

Citizen photography has caused uproar in the House of Lords, after a new MP broke the rules by capturing part of the Queen's Speech ceremony on camera.

A briefing on photography inside the Houses of Parliament is being scheduled for all 227 new MPs, after Leicester West MP, Liz Kendall published a picture to Twitter that she had taken inside the House of Lords on her camera phone.

It shows members of the house donning their robes following the ceremony.

Ms Kendall said she had been unaware that unofficial photography was not permitted within the Chamber and has since apologised.

She had posted the picture with a caption that read, 'Quick snap in Lords after Queen's Speech, haven't quite managed to capture sheer number of diamonds and tiaras.'

A spokesman for the House of Commons-run Sergeant of Arms office, which looked into the breach, said, "The House of Lords photography regulations were breached and the House of Commons authorities have dealt with the matter."

The rise of digital cameras and camera phones has lead to pictures from amateur photographers commonly being used in the reporting of news stories.

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