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Photography festival launched in Yorkshire

 27th Sep 2011

A festival celebrating photography is being held in West Yorkshire next month, and will showcase a wide range of different styles. If you would like to brush up on your skills check out our beginners photography course.

The 'Ways of Looking' event is on for a month and will include exhibitions at eight different venues around Bradford. Anne McNeil, one of the event's founders, explained that Bradford was chosen because it has the potential to become “the UK's top destination for photography”.
She added: “I think the reputation of Bradford is a misperception. People perceive Bradford as a certain thing, as a city on its uppers, but it has beautiful buildings, the university, it has been named the City of Film and it has this great swell of cultural activity happening all around the city.”
There are public pop up exhibitions taking place around the city but there will also be work from some Turner Prize-winning photographers on show in the galleries for amateur photographers and enthusiasts to enjoy.
Ms McNeil noted that events like this are becoming increasingly important to celebrate the positive aspects of regions of the UK and the arts as the cuts to the government's culture budget “threaten to undermine the arts in this country”. For more information please go to http://www.powerhousephoto.co.uk/major-commercial-photography-festival-in-west-yorkshire-1865.html
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