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Photography club encourages members to share experience

 21st Feb 2012


A photography club in Hawick has highlighted the benefit of sharing images and discussing techniques with like-minded people.
Founded in 1937, the Hawick Camera Club www.hawickcameraclub.co.uk has always focused on the main principal of encouraging the “development of photography”. 
As technology itself has developed, the club has moved with the times and works hard to help its members work with new cameras. Speaking to the Hawick News, the club's president John Hill said: “In terms of the mechanisms and science of taking photographs there has been a big change, but the camaraderie, encouragement and way people see how they can improve, the very ethos of the club, has stayed the same.
“That is one of the big reasons why the Camera Club continues to attract both existing members ­ of which we have a very high number, which we have had for donkeys years ­ as well as a steady stream of new people who come and enjoy the help they get.”
He added that the meetings provide a chance for people to talk to those of a similar mind and to take part in photography competitions is they want to better their skills behind the camera. If competitions interest you Photography Courses run one a month through their Facebook page.

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