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Film Maker Wanted For Full Time Job

Are you the kind of person who's creative, can get stuff done and enjoys a challenge? Likes solving problems as they arise, wants an adventure and loves what they do?

Mike Portrait

Hi, I'm Mike. I help people experience the world differently and see more beauty in it by thinking and seeing like photographers. By sharing their stories and images, they in turn put a bit of good back into the world and help others do the same.

I make online courses and run photo workshops around the world.

About My Associates And I...
It's ironic that many of the poorest people and places can make for stunning imagery and all have a story to tell. We believe it's important to put something back for these people who give so generously of themselves and help us capture such engaging imagery.

Wherever possible we work with social enterprise projects and take photographers to experience and photograph the good work being done, help them improve their photography and to go home with new skills, stories to tell and beautiful images to back them up. 

We contribute to these projects in various ways to benefit the local people. In a rural village in Myanmar for example, children are desperate to learn, but during daylight they're engaged in chores, caring for livestock and tending crops. Providing a few solar panels, batteries and lights enables someone to set up a classroom where the kids learn reading, writing and basic maths so they can make more educated choices in their young lives and hopefully avoid ending up in city slums or being exploited. 

Who Would It Suit?
This is a full time job based in the Bournemouth / Southampton / Winchester area, UK.

You could be someone older like me, maybe retired from TV and missing the buzz but not the mad kick-ass scamble. Or a graduate with ability and a 'can do' attitude. I'm interested in what you can do and who you are as a person, not your age or qualifications.

Freelance could be difficult because of short notice scheduling and potentially long trips abroad, but I'm open to discussion...

The Job:
I need a confident film maker to shoot and edit videos for my website, Youtube channel and occasionally BTS Instagram stories on location. If you can shoot stills to a good / high standard too that'd be a bonus. You need to be the kind of person who can get stuff done and use your initiative to solve problems as they arise - which they always do when film making! Are you confident to ask a stranger if they'd please move their car and turn off the music for a few minutes, or help you find a roll of tape in a Cambodian village?

There will be trips to places ranging from the opulence of The United Arab Emirates to tiny tribal villages in North Vietnam. These could last between 1 and 6 weeks, sometimes at short notice. You'll need to be emotionally intelligent, respect different cultures and beliefs, enjoy meeting and interacting with people, be capable, able to think on your feet and sometimes 'rough it' a bit when a situation requires it. A hostel in Africa or Asia for example, may not have the minimum level of facilities we take for granted in the UK.

Money is £25,000 per year depending on experience etc.

Please note: I need someone who can get the job done - not someone looking for a teacher. Whilst there's always more to learn for all of us and guidance and direction can / will be given, I'm sorry but I don't have time to supervise and train you. Your suggestions for new ideas, styles and approaches will be welcome.

What You'll Be Making

  1. For Youtube it's usually 'long take' / filmed 'as live' to minimise edits and cut-aways to keep post production time to a minimum.
  2. Workshop promos are to show a location, inspire and excite potential clients let them know what to expect as beautifully as possible. Clean, well composed steady shots cut to VO, background music, featuring some behind the scenes and vox-pops.
  3. Instagram stories. Short and simply shot on a phone to update followers what we are doing and where we are in real time whilst on location etc.

Examples of a Workshop Promo - and Youtube 'long take' style video




You can do this? Please tell me more below...

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 Often at short notice. 
 You must be able to drive 
 Filmed and edited by you alone 
 No jump cuts, it has to flow smoothly 
 Including 'spur of the moment' life, people, interaction... 
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 Preferably in Lightroom Classic CC. (It'd be handy if you can though not essential...) 
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 If freelance, consider if you can drop other work at short notice 
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