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Opening of 2010 Sony World Photography Awards

 5th Oct 2009

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Sony has published a press release to remind amateur and professional photographers that the 2010 Sony World Photography Awards are now open for entries. So if you fancy trying your hand - now would be a great time to invest in our Ultimate Beginners Course.

As one of the largest photographic events in the world, the Sony competition always attracts high calibre entries, with over 60,000 entries from 139 countries featuring in the 2009 competition.

Now don't be put off by the big numbers or 'high faluting' title of this competition. It's very easy to think 'I could never win anything like that' - but you never know.

I once entered an image for an award which I thought didn't stand a chance - and got a Master Photographer of the Year Award of Excellence from the MPA!

Finalists will be announced in February 2010 and have their images displayed in an exhibition. The  winners will be revealed the following month.

The overall winner recieves the title “Sony World Photography Awards Amateur Photographer of The Year”, $5000 prize money and two night's accomodation in Cannes with VIP tickets to the gala awards ceremony on 15th April 2010.

The categories for the amateur photography competition are as follows:

  • conceptual & constructed
  • architecture
  • landscape
  • music
  • documentary
  • natural history
  • sport
  • portraiture

The documentary category is new for this year and allows freedom of expression among documentary photographers. The category judges will be looking for a picture that documents ‘momentous occurrences in everyday life,’ according to the Sony press release.

This year there is also the Campaign Award for amateur photographers with a passion for football (see news article 6th Sept). The category judges will be looking for photographers who can convey the passion for the ‘Beautiful Game’ from a fan’s perspective ­ including the highs and lows of being a fan.