Olympic Concerns for Photographers

 30th May 2012


Private security staff at the O2 arena are once again in trouble, over an apparent ignorance of the law, after guards reportedly banned pictures of the O2 Arena in London, captured from a public place. Reporter Peter Walker said he was videoing the O2 from a public road south of the arena when he was stopped and ordered to show the guards his footage. Also Dr Patrick Green said security guards prevented him taking pictures from a public road that leads to the Olympic site. 'One guard also threatened to call more security who he said "would come with dogs",' said Dr Green who was trying out a new Olympus E-30 DSLR camera. When the guards were asked, what legal right they had to stop him. He said one of the guards replied: 'It's under the terrorist law. We are an Olympic venue.' 
After the incidents, which occurred earlier this month, the Guardian contacted AP for the latest on the magazine's on-going campaign to defend photographers' rights. Last year a guideline was introduced by the Security Industry Association, which would give clear instructions on the rules and should protect photographers from over-zealous guards. 
The O2 arena will serve as a venue for several sports events during this summer's Olympic Games, they will include basketball and gymnastics. 
A meeting is being hastily arranged and hopefully the issue will be resolved before the games begin
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