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Stock photo sites look for photographers to submit pictures

 9th Feb 2009

As the credit crunch continues to limit the work available for many people, lots of amateur photographers, who take pictures as a hobby, are beginning to realise they can make money from ‘stock photography’ websites.

By submitting your own pictures to stock photo websites you can earn money from your hobby. You can even set up your own website where people pay you directly for each photo they want to use. If you want to set up your own site, display your digital photos on a well designed site and then approach potential clients to let them know you are out there.

Newspapers, magazines and designers all now purchase photos online from stock photo sites. They cost a lot less than buying pictures from professional photographers or from expensive picture libraries.

Your digital camera and your passion for photography could be your passage into a fabulous new career, that involves working for yourself, from your home and earning a living through your hobby.

Many stock photographers subsidise their website income through offering services such as wedding photography and portraits. This can be a good option while you establish a client base for your stock pictures.

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