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Sony asks photographers to capture 'PlayStation spirit' in new competition

 5th Feb 2009

Brilliant competition for all you photographers with a gaming addiction too - get some hints and tips from our soon to be launched Ultimate Beginners Course

Gaming brand Sony PlayStation has launched a European online photography competition asking for PlayStation fans to submit pictures that reflect the 'PlayStation spirit'.

Photographers simply take pictures that they think will attract fans on the PlayStation website, select which of the six categories their picture fits into and wait for their votes to roll in.

Photos have to fit into one of the following categories: Caught in the Moment, Unexpected Places, PlayStation Parties, True Love, Endless Play and Festive Fun.

People using the website can then score each photograph from one to five and the highest scorers win prizes including a Sony D-SLR a350 camera and camera lens. Runners up get EUR100 cash prizes or PlayStation games and vouchers.

The rules state that photographic software is allowed to be used but not to manipulate the image.

The competition is open to anyone in Europe from 28 January 2009 to 16 March 2009. Each picture will be viewable on the website and photographers are encouraged to enter as many pictures as they like. The lucky winners will be emailed after the closing date to let them know they are in for a prize. Visit www.weareplaystation.com to enter.