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Samsung to release first hybrid camera

 2nd Mar 2009

A new ‘hybrid’ camera, a compact digital camera that allows users to interchange camera lenses, is to be launched by Samsung later in 2009.

Samsung originally planned the launch for 2010, but has decided to bring the product forward into the second half of 2009 under the expectation that hybrid digital camera will be extremely popular, accounting for 20% of the market by 2012.

The camera is expected to include a size imaging sensor of a larger size than that held in micro four thirds cameras.

The hybrid is expected to be popular with people who find traditional SLR cameras too heavy and bulky but who like to change lenses. Hybrids offer a more streamlined body and a generally smaller than SLR models. A Samsung spokesperson says, “Samsung will introduce a new hybrid system that will be small and light like a bridge-type camera, but with interchangeable Samsung-made lenses."

The new camera is expected to include the 14 million megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor and will use compact camera style electronic viewfinder and a live, real LCD screen. Lenses for the camera will be smaller than the options available in Samsung’s GX series.

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