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Panasonic LUMIX G1 named Camera of the Year

 18th Dec 2008

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G1, has been crowned 2008 Camera of the Year. The world's first Micro Four Thirds digital camera was chosen as the winner of the award, which is operated by imaging magazine Pop Photo, because it displayed forward-thinking technology.

The editors of Pop Photo said the LUMIX G1 did the best job of refining or redefining photography.

The Micro Four Thirds System standard, on which LUMIX G1 is based, eliminates the internal mirror structure that defines digital single-lens reflex cameras. With the mirror-less system, the LUMIX G1's flange back, which is the distance between the mount and the image sensor, has been reduced from 40 mm - as specified in the Four Thirds System - to approximately 20 mm. This means the LUMIX G1 is very compact, weighing in at just 580 grams with its kit lens.

David Briganti, National Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, said: "We are honoured by Pop Photo's selection of the LUMIX G1 as the 2008 Camera of the Year, as Panasonic's intention was to change the digital photography space.

"Panasonic created a new market with the LUMIX G1, putting 'DSLR-like' features into a compact body that would still be powerful enough to take professional-quality photos, but easy enough for beginners to use and ultimately help them to improve their photography skills."

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