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Fujifilm set to launch 3D camera

 6th Apr 2009

As the digital camera market continues to thrive, with manufacturers desperate to differentiate themselves from their competitors, Fujifilm may do just that with the launch of the first truly usable 3D camera.

The Japanese firm says the camera it is developing has two identical camera lenses that take close to identical images that are then blended together through a custom-made chip to form a three-dimensional photograph.

Specification include a 2.87 inch 3D LCD panel, which the viewer does not need to use special glasses to view. The necessity for 3D glasses to use 3D camera technology in the past has rendered attempts to develop a 3D model unsuccessful, but it seems that Fujifilm may well have cracked it.

The camera may also be able to perform other tasks such as a wide shot, taking half of the shot with each lens. It may also be possible to take a telephoto and wide shot at the same time.

The 3D technology, which was first exhibited by Fujifilm at the Photokina in Germany will be usable for still photos and for film and is scheduled for release later in 2009. The industry is expected to keep a sharp eye on how it is received by consumers.