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Free online camera analysis by RAW quality

 23rd Nov 2008

A free internet resource has been launched at dxomark.com that allows the digital photographic community access to a comprehensive database of RAW-based sensor image quality measurements.

This is the first time that such an in-depth database of bias-free measurements has been made available to the public for free, though there are other websites that compare JPEG image quality of cameras.

DxOMark.com assigns digital cameras a single number in order to provide photographers with a straight-forward tool to use when comparing and evaluating different models.

The company believes there are four key characteristics which "make the DxOMark Sensor scale and the Image Quality (IQ) Database uniquely valuable to members of the photographic community who are passionate about image quality".

The first is that all measurements published on the site are RAW sensor-based. The RAW format is considered the digital equivalent of a film negative in traditional photography, as it does not depend on camera optics of the quality of the RAW conversion applied.

Second, all measurements are objective. The DxO Analyzer conforms both to ISO standards and to accepted scientific methodology.

Third, measurements are furnished a normalised data as well as RAW data, so that fair comparisons can be made between camera bodies with different resolutions, number or size of pixels, and/or sensitivity.

Finally, the DxOMark Sensor scale is intended as a global scale of measuring camera body quality.