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Exhibition of shortlisted Deutsche Borse nominees' work

 26th Jan 2009

The 2009 shortlisted nominees for the Europe’s most prestigious photography competition are to have their work exhibited in London, ahead of the awards.

Established in 1996 by The Photographers' Gallery in London, the £30,000 Deutsche Borse Photography Prize is awarded to the contemporary photographer who is judged to have made the biggest contribution to photography in Europe over the past year. The photographers can be nominated for either an exhibition or a publication they were involved with.

The central London-based Photographers' Gallery has announced that it will be exhibiting the shortlisted photographers' work between 20 February and 12 April 2009, with the winner announced on 5 March 2009.

2009’s shortlisted photographers are:

Paul Graham − A British photographer who has been nominated for the publication ‘A shimmer of Possibility,” which includes images of contemporary America.

Emily Jacir ­ A Saudi artist who has been nominated for the multimedia installation, ‘Material for a Film.’

Tod Papageorge ­ Nominated for his exhibition, ‘Passing Through Eden: Photographs of Central Park’, this American photographer took the pictures for this exhibition between 1966 and 1992.

Taryn Simon ­ Another American photographer whose project ‘An American Index of Hidden and Unfamiliar’ explores what lies out of view in modern North America.