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Children tell their stories through photography book

 9th Mar 2009

A group of 14 to 16-year-olds have been given the opportunity to tell their own story through a photography book.

The 53 young people are from north-east Somerset and have been chosen to tell their personal stories through digital photographs as part of a project called ‘Our Side of the Story’, which is being run by a charity called North East Somerset Arts (NESA).

The book’s editor, Andrew Henon, says the project allowed young people with interesting stories to tell, to do so through the medium of digital photography. He says, "We worked with four groups of young people including young carers, those at risk of exclusion from school or at risk of offending and those who have been accessing counselling services - so these youngsters have got lots of challenges in their lives. This was an opportunity for them to explore important issues that affect their lives through photography, drawings and writing."

The book’s design has been influenced by a steering group of young people, who continue to meet up to consider the next steps for the project. NESA aims to provide quality creative projects that enable positive change.

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