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Motorcycle Tours With A Pro Photographer 

Mike Browne Triumph 900 sponsorsRide awesome roads through beautiful places. I teach you to capture it all beautifully. We laugh - a LOT!

Hi, I'm Mike. Traveller and life long biker who happens to be a world class photographer and trainer of many years experience. (More about me on the tour pages below.) If you're the kind of person who loves to ride and wants the best possible photos of your adventures even if it's just with a phone, these photo biker motorcycle tours are for you.

The camera you use is unimportant. How you use it - is!

Learning where to stand, how to use light, effortlessly make great compositions and how capture the fun everyone's having along the way is what will make your photos stand out from the crowd.

Ready for some motorcycle travel, fun and photography? If you're a Photo Biker like me - you're going to love these tours... 

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Photo Biker Workshops

Photo Biker Workshops DO

  • Have great rides of around 100 miles per day
  • Help you see and capture great photos
  • Teach you how to see and use light
  • Concentrate on improving your composition
  • Teach you to think outside the box and be different 

Photo Biker Workshops DO NOT

  • Explain what each knob and button does
  • Delve into camera menus (each camera is different)
  • Preach about which cameras / lenses / kit is 'best'
  • Promote gadgets and tech
  • Do settings for you (You'll learn how to find your own)


So everyone knows the basics of camera controls before we begin - I've set a bit of Homework / Preparation for you.