The London Festival of Photography

 1st May 2012

The London Festival of Photography returns for its second year. Celebrating this time honoured genre, it’s an exciting addition to the London social calendar. The festival which began last year and was a great success runs from the 1st June. Press events and private views will take place on 30th and 31st May. Expanding to include street, documentary and conceptual photography, the festival will include 18 exhibitions and 40 satellite events including workshops, seminars and screenings. 

Festival highlights will include ‘The Great British Public’ showing images old and new from photographers working in the British Isles.
‘Gadaffi Archives’ taken from the Human Rights Watch archive, an exclusive view of never before seen images documenting the recent history of Libya from the King Idris period and throughout and up to the rule of one of the world’s most infamous dictators.
‘Beneath the Surface’ Steve Loom’s images capture a critical moment in 1970 apartheid-era in South Africa. This display coincides with the 35th anniversary of Steven Bilko; one of the most famous anti-apartheid activists, death.
‘Let This Be a Sign’ A collection from Simon Roberts looking at the physical effects of the recent UK recession.
‘The Queen, The Chairman and I’ A new body of work by Hong Kong born photographer Kurt Tong. His collection of photographs and writings bring to life Tong’s ancestral roots from more than a century ago right up to the present day.
For more information visit The London festival of Photography’s website. For help with your photography skills, Photography Courses offer many mediums with which to learn, find the right one for you at Photography courses.

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