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Mike PortraitWe need some good people to help us

But first, it's important for you to understand...

Why We Do What We Do...

We believe the Photographer is the most important thing in photography. We believe beautiful images are achieved through inspiration and excitement, not gadgets! We believe fulfilment and joy of creating is why people love to make pictures.

We do not just sell photography courses. We sell likes on shared images, a sense of achievement and excitement. We sell a new way of experiencing the world through photography.

We do it through a simple, down to earth approach and 1st hand experience of being bombarded with too much "Tech Drivel"!

We give back to the world we love to photograph, by investing in social enterprise projects that benefit people for whom buying a camera is an expense undreamed of, but who selflessly make powerful pictures for us.

Want to join us?

Camera operator / editor


We have a one year internship position for a video camera operator / editor to film and edit photography tips videos.

You’ll be working with an experienced presenter based in Lymington, Hampshire, UK. Some work can be done from home, though you must live within 50 mile radius of Lymington.

Expenses will be paid, there may be opportunities for travel and occasional paid work.

Videos are mostly shot ‘As Live’ so you’ll need to be able to think on the run as the camera’s rolling.

If you’re passionate, reliable and need experience and references we’d like to hear from you.

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(Posted 28.05.17)

Photography Writer / Ghost Writer


We have a part time / freelance position for a skilled and imaginative photography copywriter to write clear and concise copy for web based articles which will inform and engage target audiences.

Articles will be approximately 1000 words ranging from simple ‘how tos’ to creative and inspirational material. You will also be updating / re-writing existing material.

Please submit up to three photography writing samples, so we can get an idea of your best work. Feel free to include links to your content or portfolio.

Work is likely to come in batches over a period of a year. Pay rates to be discussed.

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(Posted 28.05.17)

Helping people see more beauty in the world every day by thinking like a photographer