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Consider it as an investment, not a cost

Attila Solymossy

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The course has consolidated the basics of image creation into a new set of habits for image capture.

Peter Torokfalvy

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The 7 Building Blocks of Photography has successfully taught me the importance of thoughtful image creation, progressing from a ‘vision’ through to an end result which captures the ‘dream’.

Peter Torokfalvy

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I now have a system that I can immediately find and track all my pictures and it so easy to understand.

Gina Heaton

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I now have the basics for safe editing in Lightroom through the course content.

Jim McDowall
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vince hooley skyNow I notice myself looking for, and at, light in a much more intense way.

Vince Hooley
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Anneke te BoekhorstNow I see something I want to take a picture of and think: "what do I need to do to get the picture I have in my head into my camera".

Anneke te Boekhorst
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Pete hayward WFMThis is the third course I've purchased from Mike. Every one of them has been excellent value and easy to follow. I've learnt so much in such a short time.

Pete Hayward
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Tony Duke wfmI was having huge trouble when moving files/images outside of LR and not being able to access them...

Tony Duke
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I thoroughly loved your 7 blocks of photography. It was so engaging and inspiring to get my brilliant brain working and thinking...

Zoe Norman
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Lanzarote Trevor StokesI am now starting to think more about light and composition, which I found to be the most challenging parts of the course.

Trevor Stokes
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Helped me to use Lightroom as it should be used.

Alison Wood
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DL Cade

DL Cade:

Editor in Chief  500 px
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Mike Browne did a fantastic job of creating fun, interesting staff photos for our team at Intergage. A great job, great value, highly recommended.

Duncan Dale



Kay Gill

Ian Holt

Emma Molyneux


   Nik Martin BA(hons) RN MSc soton university school of medicine
   Principle Experimental Officer
   Clinical Neuro Sciences School of Medicine


   Jenny and Michael Jones

Michael Bennett

Richard Bate

Gord Stevenson

Chris Dwyer

consultancy-mansellAlan Baybutt

Glenys Anthony


  Maryanne Mitchell

Glenys Anthony


  Clayton & Kristy Blair

David Gosling

Emma Molyneux

George Fender

Jesus Capinpin