Stunning light graffiti photographs to be used in ad campaign

 14th Aug 2009

jelly-fishes-at-beacStunning light graffiti photographs to be used in ad campaign

Michael Bosanko, who has never so much as been on a photography course, is set to become even more well-known for his striking ‘light graffiti’ photographs, which are to be used in a high-profile advertising campaign.

Bosanko discovered that he could capture light-created shapes or ‘grafitti’ with his camera when taking pictures on holiday in Greece.

He says he was photographing the moon and realised shapes were being made when the camera was on a long exposure.

These images are all created in camera - not afterwards in the computer

He uses an exposures which last between 10 seconds to one hour and ‘draws’ images using torches covered in different colours of acetate film in much the same way as people 'draw' with sparklers on bonfire night.

Bosanko is using a modification of the technique called 'Painting with Light' but instead of shining a light on a subject and painting it in against a dark background - he's using the light to actually draw something in the air against an appropriate background (always at night of course) and captures his ‘art’ on camera.

After seeing Michael Bosanko's images, mobile phone and broadband firm TalkTalk has commissioned the photographer to create a series of photographs featuring landmarks of UK regions including London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Newcastle.

Bosanko says, “What I feel I am trying to convey is a sense of an aesthetically pleasing shape that clearly does not belong in that particular place or area.”

When I asked him how he remembers what's been painted in and what hasn't he told me that after doing it for so long it's become second nature.

Mike Browne