National Geographic announces 2008 contest winner

 24th Dec 2008

national-geographic-photoAn image of a woman walking down a street in Mozambique has won best photograph of an individual in the 2008 International Photography Contest, run by the National Geographic publication.

A panel of photography experts chose winners in several categories including places, nature and people. There were winners announced for each category from photos submitted by readers of the English-speaking editions of National Geographic, plus winners in each category for readers of local, non-English editions.

Over 220,000 photographs were submitted in total. Each participating country held its own contest and the winning photo in each category was entered into the final.

One of the contest judges, freelance journalist Maggie Steber, said of the winning photograph: "This is one of those wonderful moments when everything comes together visually. There is a musical rhythm to the image."

The Design Editor of the magazine added: "The composition is intriguing with the mirroring of the women's bodies. I find it to be very harmonious and soothing."