Polaroid fans unite to create 'instant film'

 19th Jan 2009

Polaroid has sold off its equipment and factories to a new firm set up in order to conceive and manufacture analogue 'Instant Film' for vintage Polaroid cameras.

The firm, called Impossible b.v. has been established by a group of Polaroid fans and intends to reinvent Polaroid as a producer of Integral Film for Polaroid cameras, transforming the firm into a ‘consumer electronics and digital imaging company.’

The firm has given itself a year to develop solutions to expensive and problematic components of the equipment. Impossible b.v. has launched a website looking for support from Polaroid users, “we need any support we can get,” stated the firm’s website.

The ‘Impossible Project’ as it calls itself, is to produce a new modern version of the Integral Film with ‘new characteristics consisting of new optimized components,’ according to its website. It has signed a ten-year lease for Polaroid’s former factory and has acquired the entire film production equipment stock from Polaroid in the Netherlands.

Impossible says it has the most experienced team of experts working with it and that it will also work with other strategic partners to achieve its ambitious goal.