Guardian provides online photo critique service

 15th Jun 2009

The Camera Club has been set up to acknowledge the fact that so many more people are interested in photography than ever before. This has arisen mainly because of the availability of cheap, compact, powerful digital cameras and to a leer extent the rise in camera phones making picture-taking easy and convenient.

As a result of these developments in technology, many of us have thousands of photographs stored on our computers, some of which we may think are actually pretty good.

Those who have been on a photography course and want to make sure they are still producing decent pictures may find the service particularly helpful.  To improve your photos, have a look at our Masterclass in Photography, full of tips and tricks.

If you fall under this category, simply upload your best pictures to the Camera Club flickr group and get a response from a professional picture editor from a national newspaper.

The Guardian Camera Club invites members to upload around six pictures, the most interesting of which will be featured on the Camera Club page. In addition, members are all inviting to join in on discussions about these pictures.

The club also features a blog from professional photographers and picture editors.
You can access the Camera Club here.