The Gift of Photography

 4th Nov 2015

Mike has been my mentor, friend and boss for the past 3 years doing weekly skype meetings and working behind the curtain of his success, working long distance was quite a challenge for both of us but that’s how we roll. Just few weeks back we just met for the very first time in flesh, and I must admit it was an uncanny feeling to finally meet someone whom I looked up to and became a huge part of my  life, that person who helped me shaped me, showed me the ropes from thousands of miles away and then just suddenly he’s standing right next to me.

The Story: It was nearing my birthday 4 years ago when I was heavily emotionally in pain and I saw your  video online which immediately made an impact on me. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw you  was a man struggling to be OK while filming, And upon seeing the video I felt the need to know something about you. I saw me in you. Sent you a short " HELLO" on facebook,Then that’s when I ended up knowing you, and prompted my photography career.

Your stay here was such a remarkable experience for me because I did not, even in my dreams, have I ever expected these things to happen. Not a single bit of it. I have never imagined that I’d be able to go with you on a film  shoot and let me use the things that you use That I’d hear you first hand how you plan and organize a photo and film shoot and learnt from it. Then, one thing after another. We both went in a place less traveled together with our friend Marie which to me was so surreal. I felt I was in a movie at that time. Your patience and your effort for me is priceless. I can never ever repay that.

I am truly deeply thankful and blessed to learn from you, spent time with you  and witnessed how you  do things photographically.Thank you for sharing your life with me and I couldn't be prouder to share this blog. So here's for Photography journey, for life's adventure and friendship.


Mike in the PhilippinesOne on One photo training