iPhone 4S could overtake point and shoot cameras

 7th Oct 2011
An expert has predicted that the new iPhone 4S could overtake standard point-and-shoot cameras. Uploading images from your phone and editing them couldn't be easier with instructional videos from Mike Browne, check out Photo Editing.
The speculation has come following Apple’s announcement of the forthcoming iPhone 4S ­ an upgraded version of the iPhone 4. Many had been hoping that a brand new iPhone 5 would be revealed. However, one of the features of the new iPhone 4S is an improved 8-megapixel camera. 
It isn’t just the megapixels that have improved either; the phone's camera optics have also been boosted. In addition, a fifth lens element has been added for sharper snaps and the lens aperture has been increased to f/2.4. 
A better LED flash and a brighter lens should improve the camera’s performance in dull conditions. One of the other new features that will be introduced in the new iPhone 4S is facial recognition technology and Apple have also promised that the camera will be quicker and easier to access - the upgrade means that users will have the option to use the volume button as a shutter release.
Writing on ZD.Net, Janice Chan, a digital camera expert, said, “With all these improvements and the increase in resolution, the iPhone’s camera is getting closer to competing with an actual point-and-shoot. Though the smaller-sized sensor means it can’t really compete on pure image quality, the existing iPhones are already among the most-used cameras on Flickr, so it’s clear that plenty of folks think image quality is good enough.”
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