National Photography Month announced

 30th Sep 2011


A National Photography Month has been announced, designed to celebrate the value of photography. For ideas and inspiration please go to photography courses and find a course thats suitable for you.

The actual event is in June 2012, but the Photo Imaging Council and the Photo Marketing Association revealed the plans for the event this week (28 September), which include nationwide events, celebrity exhibitions and special offers from suppliers.

A general theme of Capture and Keep has been chosen for the upcoming event. The thinking behind this is to deliver a message about the importance of photography in both creating good images and in providing historical records. While the nation Is taking more pictures than ever, fewer are being printed or kept due to the “fleeting nature of digital images” and National Photography Month is keen to explore new ways of keeping records of important images and moments.

Nigel McNaught, UK director of the Photo Marketing Association, commented: “From mobile phones to digital cameras, we’ve never taken more pictures at any other time in history. But, ironically, we print far fewer, meaning that we’re in danger of losing a whole era of photographic records.

“The aim of National Photography Month is to reverse this trend so that traditions such as family photo-albums continue in their role recording vital personal histories ­ rather than becoming a thing of the past," he added. For more information go to http://www.pic.uk.net/
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