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Getty's Fototrove project calls for amateur snappers

 28th Jul 2011

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Getty images is calling all amateur photographers to upload some of their best pics from days gone by for a new 'Fototrove' project.

The picture library giant has asked snappers to find their old prints, pictures and slides and upload them onto photo sharing site Flickr.

Each photographer is being asked to upload five images, which can be scanned from slides, and email a link to the uploads to fototrove@gettyimages.com.

If the Getty picture editors like the images, the photographer will be asked to join its 'vintage picture' collection.

The Fototrove project is aiming to uncover 'unseen gems' and make them available for others to purchase through the Getty Images website.

Bob Ahern, Getty Images director of archive photography, said to Camera.co.uk, “To build the collection, the Hulton Archive is calling out to Flickr contributors for old slides and treasures from the attic ­ evocative retro snaps, full of nostalgia, fun, warmth, the unexpected, the alluring, the bold and fascinating.'

“The notion of uncovering unseen gems runs deep in the genes of the Hulton Archive. As digitising photos has never been easier, the time is right to explore a different aesthetic to the great press and historical collections we hold,” he added.

Snappers will receive payment for their images that is 'in line with the 'current guidelines in place for existing Flickr contributors.'

Read more about the project at www.flickr.com/groups/fototrove


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