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Photographers gather for 'Manhattanhenge'

 16th Jul 2011

Amateur and professional photographers alike gathered in Manhattan to try and take the perfect picture of an unusual solar phenomenon.

On 12 July at 20:20 local time, the city’s famous grid street system meant that the setting sun lined up perfectly between the skyscrapers.

This happens just a handful of times each year in May and July. However, a winter version of the event can also be seen at sunrise.

Due to the rare nature of the occasion, some people might want to look into photography courses to perfect their technique.


New York-based photographer Emon Hassan explained the excitement of the event to the BBC, “You'll see photographers on both sides, lined up, just waiting. In one area, I could go in the middle of the street and get the shot.

“You only have a 15 to 20 minute window. It happens pretty quick after you consider dodging traffic. I don't even know how to articulate that feeling. It's almost like seeing an eclipse."

Meanwhile, Getty photographer Mario Tama told the news source that the event creates an unusual connection between people in the city and the earth surrounding them.


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