Official royal wedding photographer opens up

 10th May 2011

Royal wedding photographer Hugo Burnand has opened up about his passion for photography, his experience on the big day and his top gadgets.

The official wedding photographer told the press that the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William on 29 April was the “gig of the century”. Burnand welled up as he told the Evening Standard about his experience of the nuptials.

Of all the wedding photography that he took on the day, Burnand said the iconic shot of the couple surrounded by their bridesmaids and page boys was his favourite picture. He revealed that there were just seconds available to take the shot and that he promised the children sweets and jellybeans to get them to pose.


 On the big day, Burnand used a Hasselblad H4D-50, which he says is “the best”. He also disclosed to Amateur Photographer magazine that a key piece of kit he always carries with him is an elastic band, commenting that he is, “never quite sure why, but they often come in useful.”

Burnand said he got his first camera when he was just seven years old and around that time he also started developing films in the kitchen darkroom at his home.


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