Rare Scottish wildcat caught on camera in Aberdeenshire

 5th Apr 2011

An extremely rare image of a Scottish wildcat has been caught on camera by a group of conservationists.

Wildlife surveillance cameras were installed in the grounds of National Trust for Scotland's Leith Hall Estate in Aberdeenshire last month, and the image was captured just days later.

The elusive 'Highland Tiger' was photographed in the snow-covered grounds, making the cameras, which had been paid for in part by Scottish Natural Heritage, more than worthwhile.

Rob Dewar, NTS nature conservation adviser said, "Leith Hall nestles below open moorland and plantation forests deep in the Aberdeenshire countryside and is a haven for wildlife.

"Sightings of Scottish wildcats had been reported on Craigfall Hill but was it really here?


 That is why we decided to set up the new wildlife surveillance cameras in the hope of catching the Highland Tiger on camera. "We are really pleased that less than a week after the cameras were installed, we had a result," he added.

The conservationists now plan to carry out further research into the local area in an attempt to reveal more about the wildcat.

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