Royal wedding photographer rumoured to have been chosen

 23rd Mar 2011

Media reports have suggested that Hugo Burnand has been chosen to do the wedding photography for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s forthcoming wedding.

Burnand has photographed many of the rich and famous such as Victoria Beckham, Margaret Thatcher, Sienna Miller and Prince Charles. He was also the official wedding photographer at the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla.

Burnand is believed to have been chosen partly because he has worked with many royals before and has therefore earned the family’s trust. It is reported by the Evening Standard that the royal family particularly appreciate the photographer’s discretion, spontaneity and skills as a portrait photographer.

Many had believed that Mario Testino would be the photographer of choice for the royal wedding, set to take place on 29 April, particularly as he took the highly praised shots of Kate and William shortly after their engagement.

An official statement has not yet been made by Clarence House or Hugo Burnand. However, a link to a media report that he would be the royal wedding photographer was posted by Hugo Burnand on his Facebook page recently. Clarence House said a media announcement was planned but no exact date for it could be specified.


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