Amateur snappers receive boost in landmark PA deal

 9th Feb 2011

press associationOur photography videos could help you brush up on your skills and earn a few quid because In a landmark deal, the Press Association has agreed to permit amateur photographers to sell their news-related images through the press agency.

The Press Association (PA) which previously only permitted professional photographers to sell their images, has signed up to a distribution rights deal with Demotix, the journalism service.

Demotic, which takes news-related photographs from contributors all over the world, will pay the amateur photographers, rather than PA paying them. As it stands, PA currently takes a 50 per cent share of the professional photographer's fee.

A PA statement read, "Press Association Images, which is working to increase its portfolio of world photography, anticipates high demand for the fresh perspective offered by "street" photographers."

Managing director of Press Association Images, Martin Stephens, said, "We are excited to be working with user-generated photographs for the first time, and believe these images will not only add a unique and personal perspective to our 100-year-old archive, but provide our customers with a new angle on world news."

Demotix said that basic, non-exclusive right to photographs could sell for 'anything between $50 and $3,000 USD.'

The journalism service added that it would sell 'exclusive rights for whatever we can get, and some photos and videos can go for $100,000s.'graphy.


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