You call the shots with new photography videos

 18th Nov 2010

Photography videos launch pr imageA new photography videos subscription service for amateur, enthusiast and semi-pro photographers has launched at PhotographyCourses.Biz with content chosen by subscribers.

The entertaining and easy to understand photography videos are presented by professional photographer Mike Browne and filmed by producer/director Jayne Whitelock who’s made TV  for all the major UK channels including over 50 programmes for the BBC.

Mike and Jayne aim to teach budding photographers all they need to know to take stunning pictures. And they’re doing that by asking what people want before they go and shoot the films.

Videos are accessed via a dedicated photography videos section of PhotographyCourses.Biz and subscription costs £9.75 per month.  It’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and allows subscribers to log in whenever they want.

The service has launched with a library of around 30 photography videos, all shot in real life situations that photographers might encounter. Mike and Jayne guarantee a minimum of five new videos per month covering different aspects of photography.

There is a growing number of free videos, including camera reviews, available on the site to enable people to get a real flavour of what’s on offer.

Photography videos feature advice on everything including:

      ●     buying a digital SLR camera 

           using flash

     camera controls and menus

     guidance on exposure

     how to get the best out of different lenses


     making sure your pictures are sharp

     free camera and kit reviews

As the site develops the photography videos will include lots more tutorials, tips and free kit reviews plus celebrity photographer interviews, features, comparisons and more.

Mike and Jayne continue to offer subscribers the option to suggest and even feature in the videos they would like produced.

They are keen for subscribers to interact as much as possible, Mike said: “We’ve set up numerous social media profiles and pages to spread the word and we’re trying to encourage as many people to get involved as we can.

“All these fantastic online networks and communities are brilliant ­ it means people can get in touch, ask questions, share their and talk with others who are just as passionate about photography.” 

Jayne continued: “The mission is to create an online photography channel with content chosen by the people watching the videos and making use of the resources.

“The service lets them select exactly what they want to know about and pick and choose from the photography video library.”

Mike’s fun and engaging presentation style will inspire a chuckle or two from the most solemn of people.

“Photography can be a lot of fun, so why drone on and on about theory when we can show you what you need to know in the real world and be entertaining as well,” points out Mike.  

Jayne’s skills behind her own camera are evident ­ “Because photography is a visual medium, we’ve tried to shoot the films as imaginatively as possible. One of our biggest challenges was trying to get the lighting conditions perfect for both filming and showing the techniques” says Jayne.

One subscriber said: “For only £9.75 a month these films are much better quality than I expected! I subscribe to other ‘how to’ channels and most other videos are amateur and poor quality.  Mike and Jayne’s videos are brilliant!”

The concept has been met with enthusiasm from the photographic industry too.  Bright Publishing’s Digital SLR User Magazine will be running a monthly piece on the new service.

And Digital SLR User editor, Adam Scorey, will be presenting video camera reviews that are available as part of the free review section on the website.

For more information on the new photography video subscription service or to sign up visit www.PhotographyCourses.Biz.

or contact us.