iStockphoto celebrates 10 years of success

 1st Feb 2010

istockphotoIn 2000 iStockphoto was launched as a way for photographers to exhibit and sell their images online.

Before the revolutionary new service, photography was a solo activity and selling photographs was all but impossible for anyone other than the very best photographers.

However, the launch of the member-generated community for images and design changed all that. Over the past decade, 80,000 photographers and artists have displayed their photography and artwork on iStockphoto.

Photographers and publishers from around the world buy and sell images from a bank of six million on the site. They change hands at reasonable prices and provide an indispensable service for users on both sides of the camera.

Contributors are paid 20 per cent as a base royalty and 40 per cent per download if they sell through iStockphotos exclusively.

iStockers, as the members are referred to, also use the site as a source of community ­ with forums used as Q&A facilities, a place to argue about favourite photographers and designers and a place to organise photography events and advertise photography courses.

Membership to iStockphotos is free and the interface is incredibly easy to use and navigate. If you fancy trying your hand at stock photography - istockphoto is a great place to start.

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