Helena Christensen uses photography to convey climate change message

 24th Nov 2009

Helena Christensen, the former supermodel turned photographer, is opening an exhibition of her work in New York and London. The exhibit documents her experience travelling to Peru with Oxfam to witness first-hand the effects of climate change.

She also took the opportunity of the opening of her exhibition to talk about the Copenhagen climate change conference in December. She said, “this is their chance to show that they, with their power, can do something that will have some real changes in the world. If not now, there will never be another time."

The exhibition has just opened in London after a premier in New York. It will then move to Copenhagen to coincide with the conference.

Peru is considered to be the third most vulnerable of the world’s countries to climate change effects, behind only Honduras and Bangladesh.

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Christensen’s Meltdown exhibition is being held at the Proud Gallery in the West End of London from 19-29 November.

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