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Instagrams Impact on Photography.

 10th Jul 2012

It is nearly impossible to ignore the impact of Instagram on Photography today. Many of those, who also claimed ‘Digital will never last’, were now declaring the very same thing about the latest new fangled thingy-me-job. However, the ease in which users can take an image and edit it in instant to achieve professional looking shots, means the chances are it’s here to stay, and grow and grow…..

When they launched it took a matter of hours for thousands to have downloaded it. The computer systems handling the photos kept crashing. No one knew what to do. “Who’s, like, the smartest person I know who I can call up?” Mr. Systrom remembered thinking. He scrolled through his phone and found his man: Adam D’Angelo, a former chief technology officer at Facebook. They had met at a party seven years earlier, over beers in red plastic cups, at the Sigma Nu fraternity at Stanford University. That night in October 2010, Mr. D’Angelo became Instagram’s lifeline. “Adam spent like 30 minutes on the phone with us,” Mr. Systrom recalled, “walking us through the basic things we needed to do to get back up.”
The extraordinary success of Instagram is a tale about the culture of the Bay Area tech scene, driven by a tightly woven web of entrepreneurs and investors who nurture one another’s projects with money, advice and introductions to the right people. Mr. D’Angelo, a 2006 graduate of the California Institute of Technology, helped him find engineers, set up databases and flesh out features. Soon after Instagram came out of the box, he put his money into it. So did Jack Dorsey, 35, a founder of Twitter and Marc Andreessen, a venture capitalist who had already invested millions in Facebook. 
Instagram is a huge success story, as these facts attest. Each day on Facebook 300 million photos are uploaded. Instagram gains one new user every second. One billion photos have been taken with the app. There are roughly 58 photos uploaded each second. At last count it had 30 million registered users. 
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