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How often do you do it?

I'm genuinely interested because it'll help me improve my training and help you see how you can revolutionise your photos. You don't need exotic locations for practise. In the photo above, I practised with light, composition, focal length, depth of field and exposure over lunch in a cafe. Do this regularly and you won't waste shots when you are in an exotic location.

Practise is: consciously thinking about what you're doing, experimenting with different compositions, light and settings to see what the effect is.

Practise is not: carrying a camera around and popping off loads of un-considered snaps. Even if you do it daily, it is not practise.

Please choose the most applicable to you, vote and I'll show you the results...

How often do you practise photography?


If you're the kind of person who wants to feel great about your photography and all that's stopping you is time to practise, my Lanzarote and Zurich workshops are fun time with like minded people dedicated to you and your passion for pictures - and 2018 is now open.

If you fancy something truly spectacular, this year there's one in Vietnam too...

Meanwhile thanks for your help. This research is going to be the subject of a video later this year.

Best wishes...



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