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Photography / video consultant

Have you invested in stills or video cameras for your business - but found the results disappointing and time consuming to achieve?

Cameras don't take pictures. People take pictures. You may have the best equipmet available but it won't make professional imagery / video unless the person knows about light, composition and interpretation.

Does a Michelin starred chef's pans, knives and oven create stunning dishes? Did JK Rowling's computer write Harry Potter?

If your in house production lacks professionalism
I can help you

mike browne photography video consultant

Photography and video consultancy for businesses large and small

Do you or your team really know how to get professional imagery and video?

I can save you time and money by ...

  • Ensuring you buy only what you need
  • Teaching you how to get the images and films you want quickly and easily
  • Follow up support

I could have saved one client twice the fee if they'd asked what they needed before I was called in...

Consultancy £990 per day



Jet Aviation

commasopencommascloseJet Aviation engaged photography consultant Mike Browne to improve our in-house PR photography. Mike broke down the information into understandable lessons, brought fun and a sense of adventure to our training which has really helped us conquer a previously daunting task with confidence.

Mary-Lou Murphy
PR and Communications Manager, EMEA & Asia
Jet Aviation Management


commasopencommascloseThe increase in productivity and the improvement in quality of our in-house photography far exceeded our expectations. For such a small financial investment the return for our business has been tremendous.

Alan Baybut
Managing Director