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Mike Browne - photography and consultancy services

Photography has been a passion since I was 19. I love getting to know my clients and fulfilling their needs, finding ways to contribute and make a difference for them. Everything begins with a conversation, so I look forward to striking one up with you soon.

20 years award winning experience on projects of all shapes and sizes for global and local businesses, individuals and people getting married...

What's not to like?

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Commercial Photography

photography by Mike Browne

Commercial Photographer

I shoot stills photography for commercial and social clients and have loads of awards for both. Clients range from local businesses to international marketing agencies. I also do consultancy to help you with your in-house photography too.

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Photography & Video Consultancy

Does anyone in your company know how to use the office camera or do you just hope for the best? I have worked with companies large and small, on TV for BBC & ITV, I'm a Youtube expert and my channel is in the UK top 100 UK with over 13.5 Million views.

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Wedding Photography

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Wedding Photographer

I've been photographing weddings since 1993 and love the buzz of photographing all the fun. It's your wedding not my photoshoot and I promise to help you make it memorable and the images a true reflection of your day.

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