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How to put video files onto your iPad

 Mar 2018

Our downloadable photography videos are .MP4 files - please make sure your OS and iPlayer software is up to date before you begin

iPads don't really have root file systems, so files cannot be downloaded and saved to them like normal desktop computers

  1. Download and save the file to a desktop or laptop computer - not your iPad
  2. After the file has finished downloading to your desktop / laptop computer, un-zip it, open the folder and find the enclosed .mp4 ("Digital Photography Exposed The Movie") file.
  3. Launch iTunes and import the movie into your iTunes Library by clicking and dragging the .mp4 file onto the left side of the iTunes interface where the Library is, consisting of the Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Podcasts tabs
  4. When the video file is in your iTunes Library, connect (via a cable) your iPad to your computer
  5. Once the iPad is recognised by the computer, it will appear (on the left) within iTunes under the Devices tab. Now go back to the Movies tab and click and drag video file(s) onto the iPad.
  6. Disconnect iPad, and enjoy!