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How to enable and view HTML email

To see the images and use download links etc in our emails

Some of our courses (7 Building Blocks of Photography) are delivered by weekly emails which contain instructions and download links. To read and interact with these emails you must be able to open HTML emails.

Web Browsers (Gmail, Yahoo etc)

Most Web based email will automatically show HTML emails in full. If you're having trouble viewing our emails please

  1. Search Google for the phrase How to view HTML emails in
  2. Followed by the name of your web-mail host. Eg. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, 1&1 ...
  3. Adjust your settings accordingly

I'm sorry we can't post a step by step guide here. All web-mail is different and updated regularly. It would be a full time task to keep that amount of information up to date. It will be available online however.

Outlook HTML email settings

1. Go to 'Tools Menu'

2. Select 'Trust Centre'


3. Select 'Email Security' in the left side panel

4. Uncheck 'Read all standard mail in plaintext'