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Where's my login email?

 Apr 2018

A few moments after you bought your course we sent an email to the address you used to buy it containing your log in details. We also sent you a receipt to the same address. If you have that your log in email should be there too.

Please check the following...

  1. Your 'Spam' folder and any other segments you may have such as 'promotions' or 'Social'
  2. Enter the name of the course exactly as it appears on our website into your email 'search' box
  3. If you use an email program such as Outlook or Mail, bypass it and log directly into your web-mail server online because it's possible the email program left it on the server.
  4. Please check any other email accounts you hold. If you used one for the free sample but the auto fill on your computer entered a different email address (such as "work" or "family"...) when you purchased a course it will have been delivered to that address.

If you found it, please enter the email address it's from into your safe list. 

If not please contact and shell be able to tell exactly when we sent it and send it again if need be...