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Log In Not Working

 Apr 2018

Step 1: Please check you are using the correct Email address and Password combination.
(Did you use one email address to join our newsletter and another to buy a course, or used different email addresses for different course purchases and got them mixed up? It's an easy mistake to make - and the most common cause of log in issues)

Step 2: Clear Cookies and Cache from your web browser. If you don't know how to do this, click here

Step 3: Return to the log in page via the email we sent you, or use this link to our training centre

Step 4: Use your email address and password to log in


If you still have a problem please try the following...

  1. Having first ensured the email address and password are correct and your browser cache is cleared, open a new incognito / private window from the 'File' menu in your web browser. (make sure no other incognito windows are open)
  2. Copy / paste this link to our training centre
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Enter your password

If neither of the above solved the problem, please send an email to describing exactly what happens and include screen shots of any error messages you are shown. I'm sorry, we cannot trace an error without knowing exactly what it says.

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