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Emails not arriving

 Mar 2018

You can't find emails for tutorial downloads or new video notifications

The first place to look is to see if it has gone into 'Spam' or other folders such as 'Social' or 'Promotions'. Hopefully you'll find it in one of these.

If you use webmail such as Gmail or Hotmail, use your email 'Search' facility and search for the course title - Masterclass in Photography, 7 Building Blocks of Photography, Lightroom Workflow Mastery or 7 Steps to Perfect Pictures.

If you use an email program such as Outlook on PC or Mail on Mac, Please:

  1. Log into your webmail server directly to see if a coursework email has been left on the server.
  2. Log into your webmail server directly and make sure there's plenty of space and there are no emails left behind on there
  3. Add Photography Courses in the name field as a contact in your email address book, and the email address support@picture-this.tv as the email address for that contact, so your email system recognises it as safe and friendly.
  4. Run the search again
  5. When you find it, please add the search you used (such as Masterclass in Photography Course) to your safe list. If you find it in Spam, please choose the 'Not Spam' option in your mail client.

If you still cannot find it please let us know from the Contact page.