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How to save PDF files to iPad/iPhone

 Mar 2018

The eCourse PDF is download as a .Zip file. You can open zip files on iPad / iPhone with an un-zip app available free from the app store.

Our eCourses are PDF files which will open on all computers and smart phones.

The easiest way to put a PDF onto your iPad / iPhone is to email it to yourself - then save to iBooks

Here's what to do.

On your laptop

  1. Open the .Zip file you downloaded
  2. Copy PDF out of it and paste it into a new folder
  3. email it to yourself as an attachment

On your ipad (you'll need iBooks)

  1. Open the email
  2. open the pdf
  3. Press and hold your your finger down anywhere on the open eCourse
  4. You will get the option to save to iBooks