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What's the difference between Masterclass in Photography and 7 Building Blocks of Photography?

 Apr 2018

Masterclass in Photography

UBC 2017You'll learn what camera controls you need and how to use them to control your camera and no longer be confused by it. You know that feeling of panic when you don't know why it's not working and hurriedly shove it back on auto mode? Is that how excellent photographers do it? If you're confused by your camera, uncertain what the controls and settings do both technically and creatively, you need this course to get clarity. Here's why....

Auto settings are OK in some circumstances, but you are giving creative control of much of the image away to some pre-programmed algorithms within the camera, and cameras have no creativity at all. For example, does your camera know...

  • Which part of the background you want sharp or blurry?
  • If you want it all front to back sharp?
  • How bright or dark you want the image to be?
  • Which area you're exposing for?
  • Where you want to focus?
  • Which focal length will expand perspective or narrow the field of view?
  • What light is appropriate for the subject you're shooting?
  • How to compose an image?

You have to know what controls you need (there are only five) and how they affect the image technically and creatively in order to make the camera do what you want. So you don't rely on auto mode and it's algorithms to give you mediocre images. When you've mastered these things you can choose when to blur the background or have it sharp. How to ensure all your photos are sharp, all exposures are spot on, how to make a composition that works, the huge impact light has and how to choose when it's 'good'.

Learn what the controls and settings do and how to use them with the beginners course so you can stop spraying and praying and be in control. Then you can create images looking the way you want them to, and that's the next step in my training curriculum...

  7 Building Blocks Of Photography

7-blocksThe second course in my curriculum is about you and your creativity, not your camera. You'll learn the questions you have to ask yourself about how You want the image to look and the steps you must to take to find settings (learnt in the beginners course) to make it happen. This is the vital thought process behind exciting, fulfilling imagery. Great photos are rarely pure luck, they're planed, visualised and thought through. Even street, sports and wildlife photography which are all moving need vision and planning. 

If you had the best stove, pans and knives money can buy and the best ingredients available, could you create a gourmet meal if you couldn't think like a chef? If you don't know how to blend these things together appropriately, in the correct sequence and proportion it'll be a mess.

You can't be a chef if you don't think like one - and you can't be a photographer if you don't think like a photographer either. The 7 Building Blocks is the link between creative You - and your camera controls.