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7 Week Courses - FAQ

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How is the course delivered?

You will recieve an email containing a download link to each week's materials, every 7 days for the duration of the course.

What type of file is the download?

Files are zipped (.ZIP) to prevent them opening in your web browser, but not being saved to your hard drive. All up to date operating systems can un-pack .ZIP files.

Do I have to Log In online to access the course?

No. You download and save the course materials to your computer.

How big are the files?

File sizes vary according to the number of and length of the videos they contain. Typically they are between 500 and 900 megabytes.

How long will they take to download?

It depends on the speed of your Internet connection. The biggest 900 Mb file would take…

  • Slow connection (1.5 Mbps): 1hr 25 mins
  • Average connection (10Mbps): 13 mins
  • Fast connection (25 Mbps): 5 mins
  • Super-fast connection (100 Mbps): 1 min 19 secs

Can I download the course to a mobile device?

We recommend you download to a computer or laptop, then copy the course to a mobile device afterwards. It is possible to direct download to some mobile devices, but they’ll need an un-zip app to unpack the materials.

Can I download all of the course at once?

The course is specifically designed to be completed over 7 weeks for a number of reasons. Firstly, to ensure it’s as effective as possible and you get the most value from it. It's also to ensure you are not overwhelmed with information overload and to give you time to complete the weekly exercises.

We want to help you avoid the temptation to skip ahead and miss bits out. When you do this, you are not doing our course – you are doing your own edited version of it and we do not offer the same guarantee for that.

If you have a specific need for it to be delivered in one go, please contact us. We do make exceptions from time to time.

Can I keep the course - or will it expire?

The course is yours to keep forever.