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Important photojournalism exhibition by George Rodger comes to London

 19th Dec 2009

An exhibition of works by one of the greatest ever photojournalists is coming to London’s Diemar / Noble Photography Gallery, 66 / 67 Wells Street, London W1T 3PY and is being shown until 16 January.

George Rodger was the pioneer of reportage style photojournalism and still holds influence today over the photographers working in the digital age, using DSLRs and a wide range of camera lenses.

Rodger founded Magnum Photography and worked all across the world, concentrating particularly on Sub-Saharan Africa taking pictures of life for magazines and newspapers.

The exhibition is called 'The Most Travelled Correspondent: A Retrospective of George Rodger' and is a must for any budding photojournalist. The show also gives an amazing account of life from the days that photojournalists were more like intrepid explorers than techno-savvy photographers.

Some of the most notable photographs in the display show London during the Blitz. They convey the stiff-upper-lip attitude of the British at the time and are likely to be a real eye opener for young photographers.

George Rodger was the first allied photographer to get into the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the end of World War two.

Deeply traumatised by the horrors he had documented, he vowed never to return to war photography again and set off on an expedition through Africa.

His documentary images of the Nubian and other tribes have become iconic - and inspired me when I was learning photography.

As a strange and personal twist - it was whilst hitch-hiking from Nairobi to Johannesburg in Africa during 1991 that I chose to become a professional photographer and only returned to the UK to make that happen. Shortly after embarking on a night school photography course, I dreamt I bumped into George Rodger in a pub and told me - 'Don't worry about the future - you're going to do very well with photography'!

Alongside a photography course, or our Ultimate Beginners Course a trip to this exhibition would make a wonderful inspirational gift for any keen photographer.