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Doing + Creating

 22nd Sep 2015


Lately I've been doing a lot of doing. Yeah, you know that thing that people do when they're unsure of the next move? Doing- mostly walking back and forth and trying stimulate my brain till i get exhausted. That's me. I put my head down and charge toward the next thing on my To Do list because scratching things off makes me feel productive.

But sometimes productivity is morphine for creativity. It makes you feel like everything is okay, but deep down you know morphine doesn't fix insecurities...it hides them.

Sometimes I do because I'm afraid to create. And I couldn't bring myself to admit this until Mike told me "Passion has to be combined with action. Either one alone gets us nowhere...." . I sat slack-jawed in the office as he delivered his words. I stomped into my room  and straight  at the edge of the bed weighing his words. I almost couldn't bear the kilos of truth.

At times I'm afraid to create, but I know I need to because creating changes me. It forces me to rethink and morph. And, above all, creating scares me. If I've learned anything at all in starting a business or even handling his Business, it's that if you're not a little bit scared a lot of the time, you're not pushing yourself enough.

So, here's to pushing...and dreaming...and creating. Because you can.




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